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Building Blocks: The SinGem Legacy


In 1885,
A young 15 year old Indarchand left his native village in Rajasthan and landed in Kolkata city with twenty five rupees of borrowed money in his pocket. With that money, he bought some semi-precious stones and went door to door selling them. By 1910, before the Great Depression that caused World War 1, he owned one of the largest diamond jewelry firms in the city.

Is it possible to script same success story today?

Interestingly, because of the economics of scale made possible by machine-based mass production, semi precious stones still cost approximately the same as they did way back in1885.

At SinGem, we seek to create a new Indarchand everyday.
Indarchand Ji Srimal
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Bausa epitomizes the teaching ideals of SinGem. He took over reigns of business at the young age of 22, post the sudden demise of his father Seth Joharimal Srimal. He went on to become the youngest president of The Calcutta Johari Mandal.

In his lifetime, he trained hundreds of young men in the nuances of the trade, many of whom went on to become leading lights of the Indian diamond and jewelry industry.

In Bausa's words, 'SinGem should continue to play its role of a Kalpavriksha, creating value- based means of sustenance for all whose lives it touches.'

We salute and seek to pay homage to this great soul via steadfast adherence to his principles and accepting all past and present SinGem students as part of one big family.