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Corporate Training Programs


1. Technical Programs
Enrol your representatives in any SinGem Certificate or Diploma courses* and win free seats.

Pay For


Initial 3 seats

1 seat

Every 2 seats thereafter

1 seat

*excluding joint-accreditation programs or those under special offers.

2. Technical Appreciation Workshops

  •      Jewelry Appreciation
  •      Fashion Appreciation
  •      Architectural Design Appreciation

     A 6-day technical & soft-skills program for your Counter Sales staff.

     Day 1: Diamonds - An overview
     Day 2: Color Gems – An overview
     Day 3: Jewelry Appreciation - 1
     Day 4: Jewelry Appreciation - 2
     Day 5: Soft Skills
     Day 6: How to close a sale successfully

     Duration: 2 hrs/day
     Venue: Client showroom or office

3. Customised Training Programs

    Work out training solutions to your specific requirements in consultation with us.


1. Fields

2. Level of training in each field :  Advanced | Intermediate | Basic

3. Group size

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