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SinGem's GJP

India's Largest selling Jewelry Career Diploma Since 2003

SinGem GJP or

Gem & Jewelry Professional Diploma


Duration: 1 year
Modules: 16M
Code: E5


Gears You to :

Work as Multi-Function Specialist
Start Your own Jewelry Workshop
Start Your own Costume Jewelry Line
Work as Freelance Jewelry designer
Setup your own Business
Work as Diamond or Gem dealer/ Broker

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GJP/Variant Diploma - SinGem

Course Content


Level Alpha (4)
Jewelry Design Basics
Gold Jewelry Design
Diamond Jewelry Design
Silver & Lapiz Jewelry Design

Level Beta (4)
Costume Jewelry Technician
Wire Jewelry
Pearls & Beads Jewelry
Fashion jewelry
Gold Polishing & Plating

Level Gamma (4)
Silversmithing (2)
Goldsmithing (2)

Level Delta (4)
Diamond Setting (2)
Diamond Assorting
Gem Identification

Diamond Guru Punit Srimal's Gateway To Diamonds (24CH)


Diamond Assorting-Advanced (1)

Option A
Professional Jewelry Designer
Code:E1 Abbr: PJD
Course Content: JDA+CAD
Duration:18 weeks Modules: 6

Option B
Jewelry Technologist
Code:E2 JT
Course Content: Any 2 GJP Levels
Duration: 24 weeks Modules: 8

Option C
Gem &  Jewelry Professional
Code:E3 Abbr: GJP
Course Content: Any 3 GJP Levels
Duration: 36 weeks Modules: 12

Option D
Gem &  Jewelry Professional
with Gateway to Diamonds
Code:E4 Abbr: GJP+GTD
Course Content: GJP + GTD
Free course: CAD (2M)
Duration: 42 + 9 (1/W) weeks Modules: 15

Option E
Gem &  Jewelry Professional (A)
Code:E5 Abbr: GJP(A)
Course Content: All 4 GJP  Levels
Duration: 48 weeks Modules: 16

Option F
Gem &  Jewelry Professional (A)
with Gateway to Diamonds
Code:E6 Abbr: GJP(A)+GTD
Course Content: GJP(A) + GTD
Duration:48 +  9 (1/W) weeks Modules: 17

Option G
Gem &  Jewelry Technologist
Code:E7 Abbr: GJT
Course Content: GJT: GJP(A) + GTD + CAD
Free course: Advanced Diamond Assorting
Duration: 57 +  9 (1/W) weeks Modules: 20

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SINGEM-N.S.D.C Students Certificate Issuing Ceremony

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Student Creation
Fashion Earrings
Sarika Rajeev Kapoor
Beaded Necklace Set
Megha Chokhani
Necklace Set
Chitralekha Das
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Student Designs
Diamond pendent set
Akshita Dhandhania
Diamond necklace set
Akshita Dhandhania
Diamond necklace
Akshita Dhandhania
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Success Speaks
Career Tracker
Shalini Sonar

place as sales at abhushan jewellers

Rimpa shaw

Place as mannual jewelry designer at senco jewellery abhushan palace

Suman layak

Working as gemologist in singem(Bangalore)


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