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Ideal Institute Barometer
The IIB enumerates 10 vital parameters that enable students to make an informed choice of best-suited institution:
1. Curriculum:Own or Borrowed
2. B2B interaction with industry
3. Career support services     infrastructure
4. Number of faculty
5. Number of courses and their level     of course content:
6. Star Alumni Records
7. Numbers: students & centers
8. Years in business
9. Cost of Education :
    Methods of Calculation:-
            A) CPH: Cost per Hour of     classes taking IIB score into     consideration
            B) A2O: Access to     Opportunities (Education + Career     Support   Platforms)
10. Geographical spread of network
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fashion designing courses

SINGEM-N.S.D.C Students Certificate Issuing Ceremony

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fashion designing courses

SINGEM Announces 14th Seth Indarchand Srimal Scholarships in Design 2016

fashion designing courses

SINGEM introduces Interior Design Programs under it`s education belly! Click Here for course details


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Student Creation
Fashion Earrings
Sarika Rajeev Kapoor
Beaded Necklace Set
Megha Chokhani
Necklace Set
Chitralekha Das
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Student Designs
Diamond pendent set
Akshita Dhandhania
Diamond necklace set
Akshita Dhandhania
Diamond necklace
Akshita Dhandhania
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Success Speaks
Career Tracker
Shalini Sonar

place as sales at abhushan jewellers

Rimpa shaw

Place as mannual jewelry designer at senco jewellery abhushan palace

Suman layak

Working as gemologist in singem(Bangalore)


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