SinGem Student Testimonials

Name : Arva Houssenbay

Contry : Paris

Program : GJP+CAD

Center : SinGem Bhowanipur (Kolkata)

"I was looking for a jewelry education institute and that's when i came across SinGem! I found SinGem to be more pro than others and even more convenient for a woman like me with its suitable class schedules. I am really happy with my classes,faculty is really good and I am enjoying it. I look forward to set up my own business and believe that SinGem would be of great help in making me realise my dreams soon!"

Name : Emily Clare Butterworth

Contry : England

Program : Jewelry Design Artist (JDA)

Center : SinGem Bhowanipur (Kolkata)

"This school had been running for quite a long time in India and had a good reputation overall. This is what made me opt for SinGem over any other institute. Though I haven’t planned anything in particular for the future at present, I am really enjoying the design course and looking forward to it!"

Name : Mark Do Hyun

Contry : South Korea

Program : Diamond Grading & Pricing (DGP)

Center : SinGem Doubleroad (Bangalore)

"Having designer dreams since childhood, I took up a 4yrs course to master in Jewelry Design in South Korea. But unfortunately,I had to leave the course in between and shift to India. Greatly willing to complete my study, I searched for many colleges in Bangalore, but could not find any aptitude school. Then SinGem came to my rescue, being  one of India's largest & oldest jewelry education network. I did not want to lose the oppurtunity of joining this renowned institute and thereby moving towards the achievement of my dreams. Today I am really happy & completely satisfied to be a part of it!"

Name : Juanita Gomez

Contry : Columbia

Program : GJE

Center : SinGem Saltlake (Kolkata)

Being an industrial designer, I wanted to focus in jewelry design. My dad being placed in Kolkata, I decided to come down to India, where jewelry is a tradition. Coming to Kolkata, I got a recommendation fom everyone to join SinGem-supposed to be one of the best institutes for Jewelry Designing here. Now that I have joined it, I am actually loving the program. My classmates are wonderful and everyone helps to make my course a great experience. After completing my program, I plan to go back to my country and start my own business!

Name : Gulcin Tuna Dines

Contry : Turkey

Program : Gem & Jewelry Professional (GJP)

Center : SinGem Bhowanipur (Kolkata)

With the urge of taking up a designing course,I came down to Kolkata in the month of September'09. I began to search for professional courses on the internet, where I came across SinGem, claiming to be one of India's Largest Jewelry Education Network! I visited the place and was content to know about the course program.So I decided to take up the course. Though it has not been long, but so far attending the classes have always been fun. Besides the excitement of learning new things, meeting and mixing up with people of a different culture makes it all a great experience! After getting done with my course, I plan to go back to UK and start my own jewelry business or rather work for a company as a Jewelry Designer!